Bridging the gap between technology, people and business.

At Roboest, we revolutionize business processes through low-code automation using the power of the Microsoft business applications ecosystem. We empower organizations to convert ad-hoc and manual workflows into digital solutions, connecting processes intelligently and creating applications that streamline operations and increase business agility.

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What we do

We specialize in providing comprehensive end-to-end automation services using the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem.
Our offerings include:

  • Process Automation

    We identify pain points and repetitive tasks within your organization, enabling us to deliver efficient and intelligent automation solutions. By automating secondary processes critical to your teams, we help you reclaim time and enhance productivity.

  • Solution Architecture

    Our experienced solution architects analyze your business processes, design the optimal solution, and oversee its implementation. This ensures seamless integration and maximum efficiency.

  • Strategic Advice

    Our strategic low-code implementation consultation service provides organizations with expert guidance in adopting low-code governance and establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Thanks to Roboest's flexibility and commitment, we were able to take a major technological step forward in the development of Ambits: more professional, more structured and more efficient.
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Ambits  Proj3ctS
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Microsoft Partner

We believe that the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem and Azure stack provide all the necessary capabilities and tools in a single platform to accelerate your digital evolution. The platform provides tools with which you can analyse data, automate processes, develop data-driven solutions, and much more. It helps organizations to achieve their full potential in the areas of communication, collaboration,  and knowledge-sharing, and as a result, they are better able to respond to the customers’ changing needs.

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The people behind Roboest

At Roboest, our culture is a dynamic tapestry woven from our team's stories, experiences, and beliefs. It's more than a static attribute; it's an active practice that defines who we are and how we operate. Our ethos is centered around empowerment and care, enabling each member to bring their authentic selves to work. 

We recognize our employees as our most significant asset, fostering a culture where ownership and self-management are paramount. This approach allows every voice to be heard, every idea to be valued, and every contribution to be recognized. We prioritize our team's personal and professional development, supporting them in their chosen paths and encouraging their growth. 

Our human-first approach is evident from the moment a new member joins us, as they quickly realize the sincerity and honesty that underpin our ethos. At Roboest, we cherish collective success over individual wins, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone contributes to each other's projects, embodying the spirit of teamwork and mutual support that we envisioned at our inception.

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